Role of Communication in Children’s Brain Development

Feb 15 , 2021

Brain development is a part of cognitive development in children and has a direct effect on overall growth and your child’s personality. A child’s brain grows rapidly from birth until the age of three and these years have an important role in their learning.

There are many ways in which parents can help and encourage their child’s brain development and communication is just as important as brain development activities. Here is how you can communicate with your child better and encourage healthy cognitive development. 

Comfort your child 

Babies can feel stress and are depend on the parents’ response to soothe them. Make them feel comfortable and relieve their stress by cuddling, swaying, and loving them. Studies have shown that this helps babies deal with stress better as they grow up. 

Sing to your child 

This may not seem like a very important thing to do but it has a positive impact on your child’s brain development.  This is also a great way to make your children learn things in a fun way. 

Listen to your child 

Many neural pathways are developed in your baby’s brain through communication and they are used to gather and process information throughout life. Make your child feel heard and involve them in activities in which they enjoy speaking, talking, and communicating. 

All these will help you communicate with your child to boost their brain development.  You can also work on your response and make sure it is easy for your child to talk to you.

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