Should Siblings Share a Room?

Jan 29 , 2020

Parents want their children to be comfortable around each other and share the same space. Since they grow up together, siblings are put together in the same room, sometimes as a choice and the other times due to compulsion. 

Living in the same room with siblings is very common as children bond and learn to adjust at the same time. It comes with its own challenges, like frequent quarrels, disagreements and even slamming doors but it shapes up your child to be more understanding and cooperative. 

Here are some of the pros and cons of siblings living in the same room:


  • Children learn to share belongings 
  • Builds the foundation of a close family 
  • The siblings may love to have each other around often and not feel lonely 
  • They learn to have fun with each other 


  • This arrangement can become difficult with age especially if there is an age gap 
  • Siblings may fight for space and may not be willing to share their belongings too often (very common)
  • Sharing the same room may restrict their space 
  • It becomes difficult for your child to find personal space 

Here are some of the pros and cons. This doesn’t have to be a permanent arrangement and can work nicely for some years. Make sure your children are comfortable with sharing the same room.

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