Signs that Show Your Child Need Glasses

Apr 19 , 2021

Though parents get their child’s regular checkups done but still some problems are hard to detect. Many children face problems in concentrating on studies, working on the desk, looking at the blackboard etc which eventually turns into frustration. The major reason behind this can be poor vision so here are some signs that indicate your kid immediately needs glasses.


Source- Sharp Sight

If one of your child’s eyes starts going slightly inward towards the nose then this is an indication that you must take him immediately to an eye doctor. Children commonly start squinting when they try to see a particular thing by changing the shape of their eye.


Though there are many reasons for headaches but if your child frequently complains about this problem then this is a symptom of poor vision. Especially in these cases, the pain occurs near the brows because kids try to exert pressure on the eyes to see properly.

Rubbing Eyes

Source- New Kids Center

Rubbing eyes frequently is a sign that your child needs an eye Doctor to get his eyesight checked. This happens because of the eyes being fatigue and strained from overcompensation of poor vision.

Holding objects close to the face

Many kids have a habit of sitting too close to the TV screen or holding a book close to their face which generally happens because they are not able to see clearly from distance. They do this to create a clear focal point and make the image larger.

Covering one eye

Source- ParentsCanada

If your child tilts his head or covers one eye to see something then this is an indication of a severe lazy eye muscle problem. In such case both the eyes do not have the ability to work together so children try to eliminate the double vision.

Strain from Digital Devices

This is one of the most common problems that many kids suffer from. If your child needs a break frequently while sitting in front of the computer then she may be getting a strain.

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