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Signs Your Child May Have Allergies

May 24 , 2021

Many times when our kids suffer from cold and fever we think that it might be due to weather changes or other reasons. But, these can be the symptoms of allergies  After my first child, it was not easy for me too to understand the symptoms, but there are small things we need to take care of.  Here are the signs that show the child may be suffering from an allergy.

Coughing and Sneezing

Generally, cough and sneeze signify common cold but sometimes it can be the symptoms of asthma or other allergies as well. If your baby is sneezing a lot and you see  redness in eyes and respiratory problems, it may be a symptom of reaction in the nasal passage. Continuous cold and coughs  are also indication of allergy.

Extreme Irritability

Babies can develop gastrointestinal problems when they are allergic to a food. It can make them irritated all the time and due to pain, they cry constantly. Other allergic signs can be pulling  his legs up to his tummy, due to a tummy ache.


When a baby is vomiting even before a meal or when she is perfectly calm, you need to talk with pediatrician. It can be due to indigestion or even a bump car ride. Spitting all the food, milk or facing problem in swallowing the food are the signs of allergies.

Skin Redness and Blisters

Babies are generally prone to all sort of rashes. In most cases, they can be treated with creams and lotions but if they experience red patches of skin with blisters, it can be something more serious. One big possibility here is being allergic to the sun. Consulting the doctor here is a must, rather than just applying normal lotions.

Lip Swelling

Swollen lips in kids are generally due to falling while running and playing and by applying little ice it vanishes. But if your baby’s lip swells unnecessarily, he is most likely experiencing an allergic reaction from something that came in contact with the skin.

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