Sleeping Habits That can Harm Your Baby

Jan 15 , 2021

Sleep is very important for a baby as it determines their mood and most babies sleep for hours when they are young. Disturbed sleep and constant irritation can affect your baby’s health and it becomes difficult for parents to understand why the baby may be bothered.

There are some habits that your baby may have developed and it may not occur to the parents that these habits may be interfering with their sleep. Here are some habits that you may want to think about if your child has not been sleeping well:

They don’t have a designated place to sleep

Babies may grow comfortable in a particular environment and in most cases, it is their bed or even one room. If your baby sleeps anywhere and everywhere, this may be the reason behind their disturbed sleep.

They don’t have a sleep schedule

It is important to establish a routine. A proper sleep schedule will help your baby to feel well rested and you will be able to plan other activities timely.

You can’t understand when they need sleep

Some babies may feel irritated or may not eat when they actually want to sleep. Work on understanding the cues.

The bed is not comfortable for them

Make sure that your baby’s bed is comfortable for them. Pick the right size and one with appropriate mattress.

They haven’t learned self-soothing

You may sway or cuddle your baby to sleep which may turn into a crutch. Allow your baby to fall asleep naturally.

Body’s Sleep Cues.

Each baby is different so pay attention to their cues to understand what works the best for them.

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