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Solutions to Beat Bedwetting

Dec 28 , 2020

Bedwetting refers to the unintentional passage of urine during sleep. It is common as most children achieve some degree of bladder control by 4 years of age though daytime control is usually achieved first. Though many parents scold their child for doing so which even I did once but after talking to my pediatrician friend I understood that it’s not about the kid being lazy to get up. So if you are also worried about your child wetting the bed? We have ways to help you stop the bed wetting.

 Limit Fluid Intake

Limit liquid intake

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Limit your my kid’s fluid intake before his bedtime as it reduces the chances of wetting the bed.  Also, make a habit taking your kid to the washroom before bed so that he wouldn’t wet it in the night. These small things can easily make the big impact while tackling this problem.

Do Not Criticize

Dont critcize

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Of course, bedwetting can easily increase the problems of the parents as nobody wants to change or wash the bed sheet in the middle of the night. But, you need to understand that these things are not in your child’s control. So, don’t criticize or punish your children as these things can easily affect their identity. All you need to do is just teach them how to tackle this problem.

Bedwetting Products

Bedwetting Products

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I always prefer bedwetting products like waterproof sheets, absorbent underwear etc. for my three years old son so that he can stay dry at night. Side by side I am also potty training him.

Lend a hand to Your Child

Lend a hand to Your Child

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There are many children who encounter this problem frequently. One of my friend’s son was struggling with it even at the age of 6  so she once told me how narrating good stories before bedtime helped her deal with this. Even stress leads to bedwetting so talk to your child to know whats going in his life.

Check for Constipation


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Constipation is a common cause for bladder problems as when the rectum, located just behind the bladder, is filled with large or hard poop, there is more pressure on the bladder.  So always keep a check on that and try to add more fiber in your kid’s meal.

Visit a Pediatrician

Visit Pediatrician

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If you think that your kid is mature enough but still facing bedwetting problems, you should visit a pediatrician. Sometimes, the signals occur between the brain and the bladder gets delayed during the sleep which leads to the bedwetting problem. But, there are medications which can help in bladder control.

Stay tuned with us for more parenting tips.

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