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Table and Party Manners that you Must Teach Your Kids

Mar 30 , 2021

Whether you are eating at home, dining out or having dinner with friends and family, good table manners for kids are important. Table manners are great tools for social interaction that will be helpful for them for their entire life. Table manners are important skills for children and they are best when developed at a young age. So check out the list of party and table manners that you must teach your kids:

•    To wash hand before every meal

•    Tell your child never to begin eating until everyone is seated and served.

•To chew with their mouth closed and not to talk when their mouth is full.

•   To take small bites

•    To meet and greet know ones with a smile

•    Ask your child never to reach across the table to get salt or anything else that they require. Get her into the habit of asking table mates to pass something they needs.

•    Ask them not to slurp.

•    Teach your child how to use the napkin while eating

•    How to use a knife and fork to cut the food.

•    Encourage them not to waste food and take only what they can finish.

•    To sip drinks silently, without making any noises.

•   To say “please” and “excuse me” when they need to ask someone to pass the food or reach out to a specific bowl.

•    If you are at a restaurant or someone’s house, teach your kid to say thank you when they are served food.

•    You must tell your kids not to make any bad comment on food even if they do not like it.

•    Ask your kids not to use a phone or tablet at the table while eating

•    Ask your, children, not to fight with their friends while eating

•    To always push back their chair after they get up from it

All these manners can’t be taught in one day, so you need to teach them slowly. Good table manners in general, will always be appreciated by the people they meet.

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