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Benefits of Baby Massage

May 17 , 2021

Baby massage is considered the best technique for improved infant health as it helps the baby in many ways like reducing stress and irritated behavior, relief from congestion and many more. Secondly touch is the primary communication received by a newborn.

Just as adults benefit from a massage, there are numerous benefits associated with infant massage for better physical development. Here we have the reasons why body massage is good for infants.

Better Sleep

Massage helps to increase serotonin levels in the body which regulates mood and also ensures better deeper sleep.

Relieves digestion problems

Giving massage the body speeds up the natural progression of food along the digestive tract. This eliminates problems of stomach like constipation and acid reflux that further relieves from stomach issues.

baby massage

Strengthens the immune system

Regular massages boosts up the immune system and keeps away common ailments.

Improves weight

It provides improvement in the weight gain process and is good especially for underweight babies. Those who are born underweight especially need body massages daily.

Motor development

Massage improves flexibility, co-ordination and muscle control so is good for the baby’s motor development.

Relieves congestion

It prevents fluid accumulation in the airways and gives relief from congestion. Belly massage increases the pace of waste removal from the body, therefore the trapped wind is also released easily.

Emotional well being

Regular massages are good for emotional well-being too. Affectionate touch and pampering are powerful forms of communication and this creates an emotional bond between the child and parent.

Develops body organs

Massage not only relieves stress but also helps in the body’s development and for a growing baby it is very important.


Tips for baby massage

  • Go for unscented oils preferably organic oils.
  • Make your movements as gentle as possible.
  • Find a place for massage that is comfortable for you as well as the baby.

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