Traveling with infant

Thing to Keep Handy When Travelling With an Infant

Mar 30 , 2020

We know travelling light is important but with a little one along that is not possible because for a kid every little thing is important . So its best to have the most important ones handy to travel with peace of mind. Here is a list of things you must keep in your handbag while travelling with your munchkin

Diapers: Diapers have to be the most important item on your list. Carry extra depending on the hours of travel.

Extra pair of clothes: The clothes you have in your bag won’t always be enough if your baby ends up dropping something on the clothes or the diaper leaks accidentally.

Baby Wipes: Keeping things hygienic and clean no matter what should always be a priority and in such case baby wipes are the best solution. You can clean hands , face and even poop.

Bottle and Formula: If your baby takes formula than keep extra formula in a container along with a measuring spoon and if the travel is long then an extra bottles too. Try carrying boiled water too.

Toy /pexel

Toy /pexel

Toy: Keep your kids favourite toy in the bag to divert his mind and keep in engage.

Hand Towels: Keep hand towels to wipe your hands when needed.

Sanitiser: Since you might be touching many things so make sure to santise your hands before preparing formula.

Disposable Bags: Carry disposable bags to throw used diapers, dirty clothes and burped hankies.

Medicine: Carry all the basic medicines for fever , cough, cold , colic or any other prescribed by the doctor.

Pacifier: Keep an extra pacifier so that if one falls you have the other stertlised one for the baby.

Blanket or sheet: Keeping the temperature in mind keep a sheet or a blanket to cover the baby.


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