Things Every 90’s Child Can Relate to

Jun 21 , 2021

Today’s generation is far more different than the kids who were born in the ’90s the major reason is technological advancement in everyone’s lifestyle. In such tech-savvy World let’s take you down the memory lane and remember those nostalgic childhood things that any 90’s kid can surely relate to:

  • Chit chatting with your best friend for long hours on that ugly landline phone even after getting scolded by mom.
  • School holidays meant all about video games, kitchen set, and Ghar-Ghar.
  • Every music lover had a walkman and collection of their favorite cassettes to show off in the school.
  • Much much before these fancy smartphone cameras, SLRs and DSLRs, the world of a 90s kid saw a Yashica reel camera.
  • Milton Bottle is something that almost every one of us had.
  • Door Darshan was the main source of entertainment and the start of the dreamy World for us.
  • School lunch breaks were about pen fights, red hands, and thumb fights.
  • Kismi, Poppins, Mango Bite, Coffee Bite, Melody, Nutties were the candies that always used to bring a smile on our faces.
  • Shreeman-Shreemati, Shaktiman, Small Wonder and Dekh Bhai Dekh were some of the unforgettable TV shows of the 90s.
  • Almost every one of us had shaken legs on the tunes of Ila Arun, Alisha Chenoy, Lucky Ali, Baba Sehgal, and Falguni Pathak.

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