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Things to Know before Getting your Kid’s Ear Pierced

Jun 08 , 2020

For all the parents making decisions for their kids is a little difficult, especially when it is about their appearance. But one of the most difficult ones is the decision to get your child’s ear pierced. We want our girls to look pretty but on the other hand, we are worried about the pain. In order to get it correct here are a few things you need to consider before getting your kid’s ear pierced:

  • Search for a good piercer

You should find a highly reputed piercing studio. Look for a studio that considers proper hygiene and uses new materials for every customer and are experienced. The ear-piercing process must be done with clean instruments and proper techniques.

  • Distract your child

When the piercer is doing his job you make sure that you distract your child, it helps to take their mind off the pain. Treat her, pack some candies or take your child’s favorite toy so that she can play while getting it done.

Source imageinstytutpl

Source imageinstytutpl

  • Be with her

When kids feel tensed or nervous they look for someone who comforts them, so make sure you are there with them. If your child prefers you or your better half or both, just be there with her and give her power. Talk to her and keep her busy.

  • Inquire about aftercare

Ask the piercer to provide you with the aftercare, it should be explained to you and given in writing as well.

  • Don’t ignore the aftercare

Now that you have been provided with the aftercare, make sure you do it. To reduce the risk of infection, redness, and pain it is important to take proper aftercare. The cleaning of earrings is also an essential thing to take into account.

Source Adorn Body Art

Source Adorn Body Art

  • The material of earring should be suitable to the kid

The earrings that you put into your child’s ear after piercing should be fit for the child. Avoid using butterfly backing as they can cause infection and increase pain.


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