Things that parents should consider while selecting a boarding school

Things to Look for in a Boarding School

Mar 30 , 2020

Sending your child away from you for studies is not that easy especially when your kid is not that grown up. Though we all take this big decision for our children’s bright future but for that you must pick up the right school for him. So, here are some of the important things that you should consider while selecting a boarding school:

Rating of the school


First and the foremost thing that you must do is, check the reviews and ratings of the school on the internet. Feedbacks given by the people will give you a brief about how this educational institute is and their negatives and positives

Interact with present students and alumni

Interact with the students who are already studying there and ask them whether they like it or not. Along with this if possible communicate with the alumni batch to ask them about their experience and how it helped them for future studies. Observe the way they are speaking to you so that you get a glimpse of the personality that the children from this institute have.

Extracurricular activities

Things that parents should consider while selecting a boarding school

Nowadays most of the parents want their children to be an all rounder. If you also want the same then chose the school which has a lot of extra activities like singing, sports, dancing, horse riding, and swimming. Ask the boarding guardians about the recreational activities they provide to the boarders and what they make them do on weekends.


Sending your child away from home is not very easy and no parents want their children to be in any problem so you must see and check all the facilities specially medical. Take a look at the size of the hostel rooms, washrooms,pantry, mess,  classes etc and ask yourself whether it meets your expectations or not.


Things that parents should consider while selecting a boarding school

Budget is something that you must keep in mind before shortlisting any boarding school for your child. Every educational institute gives the fee details on their websites, go through them and then come to a conclusion. After all, nothing is possible without money!

The attitude of the staff

Staff plays a major role in enhancing your child’s personality when he is studying away from home. They must be very responsible and know how to tackle kids; you cannot give your beloved in anyone’s hands without knowing about them. Ensure that they don’t bully the children and always promote positive learning among them.

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