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Things You Should Tell Your Kids About Independence Day

Aug 11 , 2021

India has a long history of fighting for its freedom and Independence day is a good time to tell your children more about it. This is a known fact that this marks independence from British rule but what else can you tell about it to children?

Here are some brief facts and points to cover about independence day and share with children. 

Tell them the detailed history of events 

There was a lot that Indians endured when Britishers captivated the country, There were huge gaps in wages, discrimination, oppression and a lot of other problems that were retaliated against as the freedom fighters fought for independence. You can begin telling them with this. 

Introduce them to freedom fighters 

A lot of freedom fighters went down in the history as brave souls and had a significant contribution towards freeing our country. You can introduce them to the freedom fighters and even narrate their story. 

Tell them about national signs 

There are national animals, flags, anthems and a lot of other things to be told about. Having a history book along will help you explain these things better especially to toddlers.

Tell them about historic places 

Places like museums, forts etc will help children learn more about the independence of India. You can plan a trip or give them a virtual tour online. 

Show them patriotic movies 

Children learn the best through visuals and stories. There are a lot of movies made around the movement of freedom and independence. You can also host a virtual movie party with their other friends and the children can learn it together. 

Here are the things to introduce your children to on Independence Day. Which activities will you be planning?

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