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Tips For Air Travel With Your Toddler

Feb 24 , 2020

Toddlers normally are naughty and cannot be confined to one place which can even make flying with them a nightmare. So if you are planning a vacation and don’t want to turn your journey into nightmare, then here are few tips to ensure a stress free journey

Non stop flight: Taking your child from one flight to another can be troublesome so try and book tickets on a nonstop flight.

Night flight: Choose a flight based on your time of convenience. I generally prefer a night flight because the baby sleeps during that time and its becomes easy for us too.

Choose Convenient Seats: Opt for the aisle seat as it helps to make frequent visits to the toilet but don’t make the kid sit on the aisle seat. Secondly ask for the middle row as you might get an empty seat.

Food: Always carry some handy snacks such as cereals, biscuit, dry fruits etc for the little one as you never know he might not like the in flight food. Also carry his favourite chocolates and candies.

Little girl drawing and coloring/pexel

Little girl drawing and coloring/pexel

Toys: Carry some of your kids favourite toys to keep him entertained. You can even carry story books , colouring or activity books and colours.

Download some kids’ games or apps: I understand that too much screen time is not good but be a little lenient and allow some screen time for your toddler. Let him enjoy his favorite videos, songs, rhymes or games as these can keep him engaged and you relaxed.Download some kids’ games or kid-friendly apps to your smartphone or tablet.

Keep them handy: Keep the pacifiers, sipping cup, diapers, wipes and other things handy as these are vital for your baby’s comfort during the flight journey.

Take off and landing: While take off and landing feed your baby or give them a candy as swallowing the liquid help keep the ears clear and regulates pressure. Also chewing motion helps keep the eustachian tubes free.

Lastly try to stay calm and don’t panic, if required ask for help. Happy flying!

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