Tips to avoid choking in children

Tips to avoid choking in children

Sep 07 , 2020

Choking among small children can be very serious and at times can even lead to death if, it is not treated on time. So here are some essential tips that you must keep in mind to avoid any such miss happening.

1. Give food when your child is Sitting

Do not give your child food when he is standing, jumping or running. There are more chances of choking when they are doing any activity. Make them sit and eat and avoid talking to them while they are eating.

2. Do not give solid foods

Solid foods are hard for kids to eat and digest. Before they starts chewing well give them mashed or grated eatables. Avoid giving nuts, grapes, dry fruits that can cause choking.

3. Do not keep small objects around them

Kids have a curiosity to pick up unusual objects like coins, jewelry from the floor and put them in the mouth. So keep such objects away from their reach and always check the place before your child sits.

4. Use strong toys

Tips to avoid choking in children
Avoid giving small and easily breakable toys to them. Give bigger ones or soft toys that are not harmful and the kid cannot take those in mouth.

5. Inspect places before your child starts playing

Wherever you leave kids to play alone with toys, check that place carefully. Look around and take away anything that you might find inappropriate for them. This way you will be able to do all the household work without any tension.

6. Do not leave baby alone

Do not leave your baby alone with food or water. A small child does not have sense to eat and drink so they can choke on the liquid in your absence.

7. Guide your other children

If you have two children in the house, teach the elder one not to give small toys or any food items to her younger sibling without your permission.
These are the tips that you must keep in mind for the safety of your child and to avoid choking in them.

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