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Tips to Help Kids Overcome Needle Shot Fear

Sep 01 , 2020

Vaccines are important  to keep infections and diseases at bay but most  children are scared of getting shots. So to overcome this,  here are few tips to help make the next doctor’s visit a little smoother experience.

Tell the truth

If your kid asks whether you are taking him to get shots, do not deny as this would break their trust. Children needs to be prepared beforehand. As parents we just have to make them believe that its of no harm and on the contrary it protects us from diseases. Also do not lie that it will not hurt as they might take it as you always lie to them.


Give a reward

Sometimes small things can help relieve pain. Children especially forget suffering when they get love and things of their choice like toys or chocolates, so a reward at this time can be helpful. You can also promise them that after this vaccination you will do something special together, like playing games or having an ice-cream etc. Though it does not reduce pain, it will give them a reason to go for it and it becomes easy to forget its pain afterwards.


Don’t tell too much

Do not give too many details before doctor visit. Telling too early ruins their entire time as they remain anxious and sad for long. Tell them an hour before because they anyways have to be prepared. If you talk too much about shots and its pain they will become anxious and terrified.

Know when to let go

If you cannot handle your child and he becomes too furious, allow the nurse or doctor to take over. If children show too much tantrum, and many show especially in front of parents, consider leaving the room so the staff can do their job. Or either stay at one corner with maintaining eye contact. This speeds up the process and reduces the painful experience for everyone involved.

Prevent pain

Some doctors suggest applying an antiseptic cream to help numb the skin. So, ask your doctor which one would be good for the kid’s skin. During vaccination help child from squeezing his hand, moving too much and make funny faces to make her smile, crack jokes, distract mind etc.

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