Tips to Help your Kid Adjust in Pre-School

Jan 15 , 2020

For both kids and parents starting school is a very big thing and it is a major step of life. Pre-schooling is important for kids but it can be difficult for them to leave the safe home environment and adjust to a totally new place where everyone is a stranger. Parents are also quite worried about their child, so here are some tips for you to help your kid adjust in pre-school:

  • Choose a reputed pre-school

When you plan to admit your child in pre-school do a proper research and choose the one that has good teachers and facilities. Visit every pre-school in your area and then decide and make sure that it is suitable for your kid.

  • Talk to them about school

As the kids trust what parents say make your kid comfortable by talking to them about the school. Create a positive image of the school in your kid so that they like going to school, tell them what it is and what they will do there. Your words will create a lasting impression on your child.

Source Lyons Public Library

Source Lyons Public Library

  • Drop them off to school

For the first few days drop and pick up your child from the school and try not to rush and stay with them for some time, so that they feel comfortable. Also, many schools allow parents to be with children for a few days, so be with your child and observe them playing, it will create a sense of safety in them. This way they will feel that you are always there for them.

  • Talk to the teacher

Obviously, a teacher can make this transition period easy, so talk to the teacher and ask them to be friendly with your child. Teachers have many effective approaches for helping the little one adjust.

  • Be observant

Source Healthy Living Made Simple

Source Healthy Living Made Simple

Look how your child is adjusting in pre-school, see if he is making a good connection with teachers and friends? If yes then everything is fine but if he doesn’t look comfortable then talk to the teacher or try to switch the pre-school.

We hope these tips will help you and your child adjust in this transition.

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