Tips to Keep your Child Healthy in Monsoon

Aug 04 , 2020

Monsoon is a blessed time of the year but it also increases the humidity in the environment that inspires the growth and spread of infection-causing germs. Parents have to be extra careful for their kids as they are more prone to infections during this time so here are few tips for parents to keep their children healthy in monsoon:

•    Hygiene

Always ask your kids to wash hands and legs after they come home from outside. Teach them the importance of clean hands and feet to stay healthy. This way they will wash off the infections that they might carry from outside.

•    Boiled water

One of the most common disease in this season is the water-borne diseases. Always give your kids boiled or purified water.

•    Feet protection

Try using covered footwear for your kids, the one that covers their feet completely. Do not allow them to walk around barefoot even in house or gardens during this season.

•    Keep them warm and dry

Do not forget to keep an umbrella and raincoat in your kid’s bag. If they get wet ask them to wash their hands and feet and change their clothes immediately.

•    Avoid outside food

You never know what kind of water is being used in street food so avoid them during monsoon. In this season fruits and vegetables are often unclean so make sure you provide homemade food to your kids.

•    Immunity boosting foods

Give your children fruits and vegetables that are full of vitamin C and B 12 which will help boost their immunity. Oranges, eggs, dairy, and broccoli are great sources of vitamins. 

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