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Tips to Put Babies to Sleep

Apr 05 , 2021

‘Seeing a sleeping kid is a bliss’. Ever parent want their kid to outshine and sleeps plays a major role in the healthy development of a child. Parents get exhausted when the baby doesn’t sleep during the day or wakes frequently throughout the night. So here we are to resolve your sleep issues so few tips to help parents put their babies and toddlers to sleep.  Always remember a well rested baby is the healthiest

Avoid eye contact

Close your or baby’s eyes when you’re putting them to sleep as eye contact is most stimulating things for your little love.

Studies show that children who co-sleep with their parents grow up with higher self-esteem and less anxiety. You can simply add the bassinet next to your bed and enjoy a sleep with your baby.

When you transfer your baby into the crib at bedtime, try putting your hand gently on her stomach, arms and head to comfort and soothe her.

Maintain temperature
Kids always sleep better when the temperature is just right so make sure that the room is nether too cold nor hot.

Play Music
Babies can hear and remember music even while they are still in the womb so play some soothing music for the baby while putting him to bed.

Wet Diapers
Wet diapers at night can be bothersome so make sure to change the diaper timely.

Toddlers who enjoy a 15-minute bedtime massage fall asleep faster so take out few extra minutes for the little one’s massage.

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