Tips to raise a feminist son

Jul 28 , 2020

It is seen many times that we are more likely to give our daughters more choices for the roles they play but for boys, it is kept confined. They are however discouraged from having interests that are feminine and are even taught to be tough and to keep that so-called boy energy alive. But if we want to create an equitable society, we need to give them more choices because somewhere women’s roles can’t expand if men’s don’t. So, we bring you the tips to help you raise a feminist son.

Allow him to cry

Both boys and girls cry the same way when they are small but it’s the age of 5 after which there are changes. Boys get a message that they have to be stiff and crying is not the way boys react! This is where we go wrong. Make him feel that he has a full range of emotions and he is free to express them. Neither is crying a big issue, nor feeling scared or asking for help, not a boy thing.

Teach him to take his own care

Some mothers raise their daughters but love their sons. But  boys too need to learn to study, do chores and go to religious places same as we expect from girls.


Share loads

Children need to be taught to share loads be it a girl or boy. It can be about getting something from the shop, asking for a glass of water, cleaning rooms, keeping things at place etc.Both genders should know to share work as it always helps building a sense of responsibility.

Encourage friendship with girls

It has been seen that children who are encouraged to play with friends of the opposite sex are a much better learner and possess more problem-solving and communication skills. Gender has always been used to categorize groups and this is what creates gender stereotypes and biasness. So, it is important to encourage boys to make friends with girls and he should not feel shy about having a girl as his friend!

Teach to take care of others as well

Your son needs to know that not just daughters are made to take care of her parents but it is also his responsibility to do so. Make him work with you to help others and allow him to do home chores. A good gesture is always appreciated.

To never use girl as an insult

Don’t use and don’t allow your son either to use ‘girl’ as an insult. It should not be used as an offensive synonym like never say, do not cry like a girl, don’t talk like a girl, etc. We needs to stop first then only it can be inbuilt in our kids.

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