Tricolor Theme Party Ideas

Aug 08 , 2021

Celebrating Independence Day enthusiastically is loved by everyone especially kids. Enjoying a tricolor theme party on this day  makes it more memorable so here we bring you some ideas to organize a tricolor theme party for your kids.

Tricolor sandwiches

This Independence Day make something interesting. Take bread, a bowl of grated carrots and some green chutney; make it ready in the color of tricolor. It is tasty to eat and fulfills your kid’s tricolor theme as well.

Tricolor juice

Blend some oranges, a glass full of lassi and whizz a banana and pulp a cucumber with placing them in order. Your tricolor juice is ready. The best part is, it is healthy too than any other snack.



Decoration is the most important thing for a party. Decorate the hall in all tricolors and you can also place tiny flags all over. Use tricolor balloons and other theme related hanging. You can also hang posters of freedom fighters and can make rangoli using only tricolors. Children will love the decoration and would even participate willingly to help.

Dress code

It’s the perfect day to show your patriotism. Dress your kids up as their favorite freedom fighter. Plan a fancy dress competition for the party and arrange gifts, kids would participate excitedly.

Craft competition


Organize a tricolor craft competition like give only tricolors to use in crafts. Ask children to draw the Indian flag, or paint something beautifully with only saffron, white, blue and green colors. You can also give them tricolor glazed paper for craft work.

Tricolor props

Get them clicked with tricolor props. Dressing up perfect for Independence Day and getting clicked with props can make the best memory ever. Kids will love seeing it even afterwards.

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