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Useful Tips to Introduce Your Newborn to your Pet!

May 14 , 2021

It is a joyful time when your newborn arrives and making all the changes around the house is worth it. One family member who might take a while to get used to the new baby in the house is your pet and with a little patience but some strategies can help you get them acquainted in no time.

It is recommended to not introduce your baby to the pet right away. You can make few arrangements to make it a smooth process. Wondering how to do it without messing anything up?Here are some helpful tips.

  • Make sure your pet is vaccinated. Have a word with your vet to understand how can you make sure it is safe for your newborn to be around your pet.
  • Lay a strong foundation for pet-baby harmony during the prenatal period
  • Give your pet time to adjust to the new environmental changes by unpacking new furniture and baby gear as early as you can so they can get comfortable with the changes.
  • Allow the pet to greet the mother before meeting the baby. Introduce pets and their new human siblings.
  • Parents should also discourage pets from licking babies
  • When your baby comes home, you can allow your pet to get accustomed to their presence under your supervision.
  • Make sure to be present around your newborn every time your pet is in the same room.
  • Train your pet to not climb up their crib and place it at a safe distance.
  • Having another family member in the house may make your pet feel left out. Give them attention so that they don’t feel neglected.

If your pet tries to come near your baby, stay close but let them get used to being around each other.

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