Ways to Improve a Child's Concentration

Ways to Improve a Child’s Concentration

Feb 22 , 2018

We all as parents are facing major challenges, nowadays. Gone is the time when television was a luxury for children. Now a days screens have become common place and often with too much of screen dependence as kids our children are facing low concentration levels. Often most children do get irritated when they have to sit and work o school projects. But we all need to build up their concentration because as studies increase so does the need to work hard. As a parent I have followed these tips to improve my kid’s concentration, try them too:

Set a Daily Routine

Setting a daily routine for your child is important. When their bodies adjust to a routine, children becoming more active and have a better concentration. I tried and have made a lose schedule of sorts, I did not go all strict but yes this helps the child know what is to be done when and honestly the screen time reduces. I go lax on weekends and holidays too!

Reduce screen time

Ways to Improve a Child's Concentration

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I always try to reduce screen time for my kid so that he should concentrate better and this makes a big difference. Handheld devices like tablets, mobiles and video games are one of the major distractions for kids. So, if you really want to increase your child’s concentration level, you need to make some tough decisions.

Minimize Distraction

Ways to Improve a Child's Concentration

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I have often seen that if you want to enhance your kid’s concentration level, you need to adjust too. Many parents think that they can enjoy their favorite TV shows after giving a separate room to their children to concentrate. But, this always distracts the children while doing their work. So sit with them and minimize distractions as much as possible.

Praise your child

Ways to Improve a Child's Concentration

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I always praise my son whenever he does his work to make him confident. On the contrary, many parents scold their children for losing concentration while doing their work. But after some time, many children like us start ignoring their parent’s reactions because they feel that their parents always criticize them. This will leave scars on their personality. So be gentle and minimize your bickering.

Adequate nutrition

Don’t all children love their pizzas and pastas, well not having nutritious meals can create bigger health issues. Low iron levels often lead to lethargy. So getting a check up once a while is a great idea to keep your child healthy.

Children often teach us a lot and in today’s scenario where technology and social media runs our life, try to bring in some simplicity. This will help concentration too!

Stay tuned with us for more parenting tips.

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