Ways to Keep up with Your Twin Babies

Apr 02 , 2018

Becoming a mother is wonderful and when it is twins, the happiness is doubled. They are a double dose of cuteness but they are also a double dose of tiredness. I consider myself lucky to be a mother of twins, they brighten up my life. However, having twins means double the responsibilities as well. It is a pleasure for me to look after them, but it requires a few tricks to coordinate the two. The tasks become easier if you know how to keep up with the twins properly. Here are some tips that can help you:

• Set the same schedule

Ways to keep up with your twin babies

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Try to maintain the exact same routine for both your little ones. I use to nurse them, bathe them, bottle feed them and make them sleep at the same time. It saves a lot of time and energy. When both of them sleep you can do your work as well. This practice helps in better management and builds a bond between the babies.

• Alternate the holding time

Every newborn baby needs total love and affection of his mother. And in the case of twins, it is very important to divide it equally. You must maintain different and equal holding time for both of them. You can hold one kid and let the other one play in the play area and then pick the other. This way kids will get sufficient attention. Also, consider babywearing your twins as it makes them feel comfortable and close to you.

Ways to keep up with your twin babies

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• Use different ways to put them to sleep

Before my twins could put themselves to sleep, it was a huge task for me, especially to put both of them to sleep together. Then I started using different techniques for making them sleep. You can also try these: Pushing them in a stroller, swaddling them in their cribs, using an infant cushion or placing them in their bassinets.

• You can do it alone

Ways to keep up with your twin babies

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Keep on motivating yourself that you can do this. Trust me it is the biggest challenge but with time you will know how to handle things. Later managing two babies alone will be one of the most rewarding experiences. Just continue to challenge yourself. You will feel stronger and empowered than you ever thought! But as we often say it takes a village to raise babies and never be shy about asking for help.

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