Ways to Build Self-Esteem in Your Child

Jan 28 , 2020

Developing positive self-esteem is very important for all kids because it is related to how capable the kid feels as it comes from a sense of competence. A child needs a positive and realistic perception of his/her abilities as it helps them to develop into happy & productive person. So as parents it is your duty to build the self-esteem of your child and here are a few ways to do so

•    Praise them

It is necessary to praise and give positive feedback because children measure their worth and achievements with them. If a child fails at something at least praise their effort, tell your child it is okay to fails sometimes.

•    Don’t do everything for them

Be patient and let them figure out things themselves. For example, it may be easier to dress your child, but let her do it himself, as it helps in learning new skills. The more new challenges they face the more confident they become.

Source Reader’s Digest

•    Give them choices

Give your children choices with reasonable options. You can start this in simple things like for breakfast give them the option and let them take the decision themselves. This simple learning helps your child to get prepared for future difficult choices.

•    Love your child

Unconditional love builds a strong foundation for confidence so give them love and pamper them. Be polite to them and hug them whenever they accept their mistake.

Source Critical Thinking for Success

•    Help them set attainable goals

Tell them to set realistic goals according to their abilities and
guide them to help avoid feelings of failure. Let them try different things and help them set short term goals and achieve them.

Focus on strengths

 Pay attention to what your child does well and enjoys. Focus more on strengths than weaknesses if you want to help kids feel good about themselves. This improves behavior too.

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