Ways to Calm Your Toddler While Getting Vaccine Shot

Feb 16 , 2021

As soon as children enter the doctor’s clinic they start crying. Well, nobody is happy while visiting a doctor especially when it is for a shot. Getting shots can be tough for your children, but the benefits are worth it and it is important as well. Children always cry when they get to know that they are getting shots and it is difficult to calm them down. But here are some ways to prepare your toddler for a vaccine shot. Check out how to keep your child calm while getting vaccination done:

  • Breastfeed if you can 

Breastfeeding can be a great way to calm and relax your baby, as it helps distract them from the pain. Also breast milk has a slight sweet taste, which can reduce the pain.

  • Get your child’s favorite thing

Bring anything that comforts your child such as a favorite toy, blanket, or anything to help them focus on it and not the vaccine. This will help them distract from the pain. 

  • Pain relief ointment 

Ask your doctor for a pain relieving ointment that blocks pain signals from the skin. Or you can request for a cooling spray which is applied on your child’s arm before the shot. It will reduce the pain. 

  • Distract your child 

One of the best ways to distract your child is to talk to them during the process. Or you can call their name, or sing their favorite song. Keep the distraction going on after the vaccine is given. 

  • Care after the shot

Calm your child with hugs, cuddles and soft whispers after a shot. Your child may have mild reactions, such as pain and swelling where the shot was given or a fever; these are common and will soon go away.

  • Reward

Give them something to eat after the vaccination is done. This will encourage them for vaccination for the next time. 

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