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Ways to Deal Cranky Kids During Lockdown

May 25 , 2020

Kids love to play, go to the park, and roam around, now that they are stuck at home, they are super frustrated. It’s been a long time that they have not gone out of the house and that is what is annoying them. So kids are becoming cranky these days and at this point, you need to be calm with them, instead of scolding them. Children cry over small things and are very cranky so here are some ways to deal with them

•    Be patient

The world around kids keeps on changing and these days it is hard for them to deal with those changes. They feel like going out and playing, but when they are not able to do that they get frustrated. It is important for you to be calm during this time. Wait for them to stop crying and listen to what they have to say.

•    Hug them

There will be days when your kids will cry for no reason. In these times, instead of getting irritated take a deep breath and hug your little one. A hug and gentle tone will calm them down.

•    Use distraction

Kids love chocolates, when they are cranky, give them treat or distract them with their favorite toy or switch on their beloved cartoon.

•    Move

Babies like movement such as walking, rocking, and bouncing which also helps shift their focus from their emotions. So walk with them or take them out in the balcony when they feel cranky.

•    Use music

Music has the power to soothe the mind, so play a sound around your child. Soon they will start enjoying music.

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