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Ways to Improve Your Child’s Vocabulary

Jun 21 , 2021

A strong vocab helps in better understanding, communication and reading ability. Every kid needs to have a great and strong vocab and parents must help them in achieving this. Parents must put in little extra efforts to develop your child’s vocabulary and here are some ways to do so

•    Play word games

One of the best ways to build your child’s vocab is by playing word games with them. Scrabble, what’s the word and word stack are few good ones to play with them. If your child is a phone lover then you can install these apps as well as they are good for learning.

•    Read together

The essential thing for a wide vocabulary is reading. Make a reading routine for your child and don’t just read school books, find out your child’s interest and get them those books. Read aloud to your child and make them mark new words.

•    New Words

Every day teach your child a new word, this way they will learn 7 new words in a week. With this teach them the use of that word as well. Introducing a new word each day will boost your child’s vocabulary by 365 words every year

•    Introduce word banks

Word banks are collections of related words such as adjectives, alternatives or nature words. There are many word banks available online. Your child can use word banks while writing, it will help them find more and new words.

•    Words with multiple meaning

Kids often get confused by the words that have multiple meanings. You need to help your kids in understanding such words. To help them you need to understand the different uses for the same word.

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