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Ways to Make Your Child Independent, Not Angry

Apr 03 , 2018

No relationship is as beautiful as that of a parent and child. With love and affection, there are conflicts too, and we all want our children to know how to fight for what they believe. But becoming aggressive as kids is scary. Let them voice their opinions but here is how you can avoid conflicts:

Appreciate child’s concerns

Appreciate child's concerns

As parents, we think we know all about our children and only we can take correct decisions for them. But, as the child grows they have their own concerns and different perspective to look at things. They want to be heard. This motivates a child to speak out his mind!

Give them some freedom

Give them some freedom

Imagine to yourself how hard it is when you are told everything from when to eat, when to sleep, how to talk, where to go etc. Children nowadays are more aware and independent and do not enjoy us dominating. Of course, you must politely ask them to do what’s correct but let them do a few things they would enjoy. Let one day a week be spent according to their likes and dislikes.

Be a friend

Be a friend

When your child considers you as friend things become easier and that is the stepping stone to a successful parent-kid relationship. Build a bond so that your child shares things with you and will reach out to you for help.

Don’t yell

It is of no use to feel sad after shouting at your kid. Often we lose temper when the situation gets out of hand, the best way is to take a timeout. Your behaviour today will form your child’s psychology for tomorrow and yelling is not going to help.

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