Ways to Prepare Your Child For a Covid-19 Test

Nov 18 , 2020

Right now the number of covid cases are increasing daily and it is important to be safe. However, getting a COVID-19 test done is unpleasant for anyone and for the little ones, it can be scary. Though, kids have lower chances of getting the infection, they can still be subjected to frequent testing if they have been exposed to COVID virus. Be it the sight of seeing someone in a PPE kit, staying isolated or something else, kids may have a hard time going through testing. The fear of testing can disturb them. So here are some ways to prepare your child for a covid-19 test: 

  • Give them information

You need to make your kids aware about the conditions around them. Use a kid friendly approach to tell them about the crisis, how the test is done and its importance. Try not to use negative information that might scare them. 

  • Tell them about tools 

The test tools can be scary for younger children. Before you book a test, educate them about the tools and how they will be used. Since these tests can be uncomfortable, preparing kids in advance can prevent crying or panic attacks. 

  • Make them sit comfortably 

If your kid is feeling scared or anxious, sit by their side and wrap your arms around them. Small children may also sit on their parents’ lap.Also comfort them after the test is done. 

  • Praise them 

Kids are already very disturbed because of the pandemic, they are also likely to experience a lot of mental health issues. Be emotionally available for them, praise them after getting the test done. They will like it and this will further help them. 

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