Ways to Prepare Your Child for a Medical Emergency

Nov 11 , 2020

As much as parents would like the world to be a safe place for children, it isn’t going to happen anytime soon. Many incidences of violence, crime, and emergency situations are reported and more than half of them are unanticipated.

The chances of being in a difficult or an emergency medical situation are slim for young children but it is always better to be prepared and trained as it can save a life.

Here is what you can teach your child about being in an emergency situation and how they can respond. These tips will help them improve their judgment in an emergency situation.

  • It is important not to panic. Panicking can cause us to freeze and may affect the ability to judge and take action. Ask your children to stay calm in such situations.
  • Have them memorize your phone number. If they are too young to have a phone, it is important they know where to reach you in case of an emergency.
  • Tell them about the nearest hospital in your area. If they are not at home and are out with someone, knowing where to go in case of a medical emergency can help them.
  • Keep a phone book containing all the emergency contacts at home and inform them where it is kept.
  • Take up a course or have a conversation with a doctor and help your child understand in which situation should they stay still and not move around.
  • Let them know about all their allergies and what food items they should not eat. Allergic reactions can be fatal and hence it is important for children to be aware of them, not just the parent and doctor.
  • Discuss certain situations and teach them how to use first-aid.

These tips will help you prepare your child for medical emergencies. explain these things calmly.

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