Ways to Protect Smartphone from Kids

Sep 05 , 2021

We live in a gadget world where are are totally depend on gadgets and so are our kids. Children these days love watching videos and playing games on smartphones and since they are too young to keep it safely many parents end up buying new phones every few months. If you’re in a similar situation then consider doing the following:

Use Screen Guard: Use a sturdy tempered glass to protect the screen from damage. Kids tend to throw the phones so a sturdy guard can protect the screen from cracks and save a lot of money as screens are quite expensive. Also if they drop any food or water on the phone the screen remains unharmed.

Hard phone cover : Instead of the fancy ones invest in a good quality back phone cover which can protect your phone from damage. If kids  drop the phone,  a hard cover can help protect the phone from breakage.

Password: Use a password so that the kid cannot access the phone without your permission an and make sure to keep changing as kids observe everything. Toddlers can easily learn the pattern or numbers.

Lock important apps: Put a password to all the important apps especially bank related or the ones with saved passwords so that the little one cannot open them or delete some important details.

Learn to say no: We know you love your kids but at times refusing them for something is required so learn to say no to your kid and instead distract them with a toy or book.

Also kids do what they see so be a good role model for your child by limiting your usage of the phone. However, if your profession demands using phones a lot, do it away from the eyes of your child.

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