Why Does Your Baby Turn Purple While Crying?

Sep 20 , 2021

Newborns require special care and attention as even minor problems may increase the risk of complications. While the doctor may help you understand the precautions, you might find yourself dealing with some things you have no clue about. 

One such situation is when the baby’s face turns purple while crying. This is commonly known as blue spells and happens due to the interrupted supply of blood to the lungs. When the lungs do not receive an adequate amount of blood, the baby’s face turns purple and here is what you should know about blue spells:

What are blue spells?

Blue spells are the period when your baby’s lungs are not being supplied enough blood. The color changes because hemoglobin molecules are unable to carry oxygen and hence the red color fades and turns to purple. Fingers, toes, and lips may also start to turn blue. 

What causes this to happen?

Blue spells (Cyanosis) commonly occur in children who have congenital heart disease the vessels between heart and lungs become thin which disrupts the blood supply.  Other causes include excessive crying, dehydration, temperature change, breathing problems, etc. 

How can I help the baby?

Start by trying not to panic. Try to comfort your baby if he or she has been crying continuously. The breathing might restore to normal soon after. Hold and cuddle, bring their knees up to the chest and hold. Keep an eye on the color change. 

Here are the basic things to know about Blue spell aka Cyanosis. If the color of your baby’s face keeps turning purple, consult with your doctor for proper diagnosis.  

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