Reasons why you should delay your newborn’s first bath

Why You Should Delay Your Newborn’s First Bath

Dec 07 , 2020

A new born baby is too sensitive and needs extra care. No doubt  every parent takes essential efforts when they welcome a new life but, there are some minor things that many ignore and one of the most common one is baby’s bath. Almost every mommy has this confusion that whether they should delay their newborn’s first bath or not? So we have listed down the major reasons that why its better if you holdup the first shower of the munchkin for sometime:


Reasons why you should delay your newborn’s first bath

Have you ever noticed the white stuff on a babies body when they are born? This is called vernix which is the most effective and natural moisturizer for a man but, most of us removes it by giving our baby a bath too soon. It works as a barrier to protect the baby against infections and after birth it helps in promoting healthy skin and regulates the child’s temperature.

Keep the sugar level controlled

After the child takes birth, his body needs time to get used to the temperature outside the uterus and also staying without placenta that earlier was the source of blood sugar. Taking him for the shower too early can disturb his sugar level and cause neurological injury.

Breastfeeding Success

Reasons why you should delay your newborn’s first bath

Delaying your baby’s first bath also helps in successful breastfeeding. Immediately when the mother and child’s skin to skin happens the baby smells the amniotic fluid on the breast and get familiar with the breast milk.

Enjoy the first bath

After the child’s delivery, the mother takes time to recover and come back to the normal routine so she can’t enjoy her munchkin’s first bath.

No need of lotion

When a baby stays 9 months in different fluids in the womb, eventually after coming out their skin becomes dry so most of the moms apply lotion to remove this dryness. However, a newly born is too sensitive so the vernix play a magical role in this thing, it has liquid which automatically moisturize the child’s skin and keeps it healthy.

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