You tuber shows the Realistic Version of Motherhood

You tuber Shows the Realistic Version of Motherhood

Jan 22 , 2019

Being a Mother is not an easy job  as you have to take a lot of responsibilities and also go through tough challenges especially when you experience it for the first time. Though in today’s time due to the advancement in digital media it has become really hard to know what’s fake and real, but recently a you tuber has shown an actual version of Motherhood.

An American comedian and YouTuber Colleen Ballinger uploaded two pictures of her where she is showing the motherhood experience of her. She  has recently become a mother to a baby boy. Colleen did not upload something that looks perfect, instead of that she just showed the true side of being a mother.

She wrote “I see a lot of moms online who portray a perfect, easy lifestyle but this is a more realistic version of what motherhood looks like. I wish more people would show their reality instead of the most perfect version of themselves online. cuz the messy stuff is beautiful too.”

Her tweet immediately went viral and, many women agreed to her while some also disagreed with her views.

Check out the mixed reactions below:

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