Zinc Oxide: Harmful or Safe for Babies?

Sep 07 , 2020

Zinc oxide is present in many commercial products for babies and is widely used in the manufacturing of diaper, ointments, and other related products. It is mineral that doesn’t let itself dissolve in water and hence it is also used in first-aid topical creams and sunscreen.

Zinc oxide prevents rashes in babies and is a proven effective treatment for treating rashes in combination with other anti-inflammatory ingredients. But is it safe and should you worry about using products containing zinc oxide? Here is what you should know.

Is using zinc oxide safe?

Zinc oxide has harmful effects in general but when the particles are larger than 30nm then it completely safe to be used as it doesn’t get absorbed in the body through the skin. It is also not the only ingredient in the product and is always present in combination with anti-inflammatory substances and other things. It is best to use medicines with zinc oxide as per your doctor’s instructions.

How does it help?

Babies often get rashes after wearing a diaper for hours and that may irritate them. Zinc oxide, along with other ingredients, forms a barrier that stops the moisture from coming in contact with the baby’s skin, and hence, it makes it easier for the babies to wear diapers. The same concept applies to topical creams and ointments as they too create a barrier between the baby’s skin and moisture.

Here is what you should know about zinc oxide being used in diapers but along with this information, it is also important to take precautions and change your baby’s diaper frequently so that they stay comfortable.

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