Tips to celebrate mother’s day with Grandma

May 09 , 2020

On this Mother’s Day, don’t let your Grandma get overlooked!Express you love and tell her how much you care for her. This day take some time and do something special not only for your mom but your grand mom too to make her feel how important she if for you! We generally do not have much time to spend with our grandmother’s but this day, we get a reason to make things special for her.

Organize party for her friends

Why mother’s day has to be just for mothers, make it a happening day for your grandma as well. Perhaps she would surely appreciate your efforts of calling her friends over dinner. Prepare dishes that your grandmother loves taking care of her friend’s interest too and prepare things the way she would do for her friends.

Take her to her favorite holy place

Plan to take her to one where she desired to go since long, book tickets prior and if not possible to go for a long trip, take her to some nearby place. This gesture of you would be really appreciated!


A frame of family’s memories

This is a gift one can keep gifting to the generations to come. Make a family tree, a collage for her room, or anything looking at which she would be mesmerized. You can also even write a message on it.

Shopping, shopping and shopping!

Mothers and grandmothers both love shopping just like every woman does! You can gift her a gift card or take her over shopping accompanied by dinner.  Take both your mom and grandma for shopping and it would be the best you can do for both of them on Mother’s Day!

Spend some time with her!

With our mums we usually spend time but with grandmom’s we generally spend much less of it! She just craves to have us by her side so be with her the the whole day, cook for her, talk to her and play board games.

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