Push Present Ideas

Amazing Push Present Ideas

Feb 27 , 2018

Kylie Jenner, the new mom just received an extravagant gift from her partner Travis, to celebrate the birth of their Newborn daughter “Stormi”. The reality star got a black Ferrari as a push present, which Kylie shared on her Instagram story feed. Now you must be wondering what is a push present?  It is a gift given to a new mother by her hubby for carrying and pushing the baby out in this world. Or we can say it is just a way to pamper the new mother. Obviously, the little baby is the reward himself, but the women who brought him also deserves some spoiling. These days’ husbands or partners of new mothers are opting for push presents to make the new mommy happy and thank them for their effort.

Thanks to the celebrities that the fashion of Push presents are here, wives now expect a lovely gift from their husband to celebrate the birth of their kid. When it comes to push gifts, it should be something special and if you too  are looking for some gift options, here are the choices:

• Digital camera

What can be great then gifting her something through which she can capture your little one. Rather than taking hundreds of photos on her Smartphone, she can get quality pictures with the camera.

Jewellery piece as a Push Present

Jewellery piece as a Push Present


Which woman doesn’t love jewelry? Go for a jewelry piece that she wanted from a long time and surprise her with it. Or go for a personal piece, like a hand stamped necklace.

Cute-new mom clothes

All women love clothes, obviously, after giving birth her body sizes will change. This time you go shopping for her and get her some cute new mommy clothes. Put together a bag of stylish and comfy clothes.

Your first family vacation

Book a trip, traveling with an infant is little tricky but it is easy at the same time. Go on a vacation and spend time with each other along with the new family member.


There are many other options too but if you are still confused you can indirectly discuss it with your partner before picking a gift for her.


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