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Best Apps for Paranoid Parents

Dec 11 , 2018

Are you the mom who is always anxious about the child’s whereabouts? I used to be the same and was always tensed about my child’s safety and where he is! Well, there is a way out and I would love to share the same with others. There are apps that help to provide every parent peace of mind by updating them about their children’s location. Check them out here as we bring the best apps you can install.


Find My Kids – Footprints

Do you want to be updated with where your child is all the time? By the help of this app, you can locate your child wherever he goes with the phone. Though the app is free, parents will have to purchase its subscription for the tracking feature. You can also share the location info but only to the people, you allow before.

Family Tracker

This not just tracks your kids but does it for your whole family! This app can keep an eye on anyone you like but it is only possible if the other person accepts the one-time tracking request. It uses the built-in messaging system but you will have to buy an app separately for alternate devices you want to track.

Lassy Project

Lassy Project alerts when your child goes missing. It provides an image of the missing child and a real-time map showing the coordinates of his last known location. It works instantly and alerts people who are relevant immediately to the area of the last location of the child.

FBI Child ID

Created by Federal Bureau of Investigation this app allows parents to store their children’s photos and other identifications to work quickly if the child ever goes missing. The information is stored on the phone until you want to share them. You also get the facility to email directly to the law enforcement agencies if something happens.

iEmergency ICE Family PRO

ICE stands for In Case of Emergency! The app stores health data like the child’s allergies, prescriptions, and medical conditions. The focus of the app is to put all the data you need at one place for easy access. You can enter details about the person’s doctor and hospital affiliation, health insurance etc.

ICam- Webcam video streaming

This app allows you to watch live video of your house on your mobile device. It requires each room to have constantly running computers with webcams and the app’s software installed in. This app developer’s website has full instructions.

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