Challenges Faced by Working Mothers!

Sep 08 , 2020

A mother is a nurturer and a caretaker as well and is not only restricted to the domestic space of a household but also has responsibilities of taking care of her family and work as well. A mother always fulfills all her roles in the house and workplace as well, however, in the changing times, they still face some challenges. Although the number of working women has been increasing, there are still a few challenges faced by them. Check them out below and ways to overcome them as well: 

  • Inability to maintain work-life balance 

For a mother working full time can be really exhausting. Other than handling their professional responsibilities they also have to manage household chores and look after their kid. This surely affects their work-life balance and their emotional and mental well being as well. 

  • Their priorities are questioned 

There is a visible difference between how we look at working men and working women. As men have always worked in society, their sense of responsibility towards their family is limited to the role of workers as opposed to the role of women as the house makers. So once women step into the professional world their priorities are questioned. 

  • Multitasking 

One more common challenge faced by working women is the constant need to multitask.Whether they are working at the office or from home, they are always asked to manage their time between their personal and professional life.  

  • Constant feeling of guilt 

Mothers are gems. While as an individual person they have dreams and aspirations but they always struggle with thoughts about whether to choose their careers over their home. And they are put in a questionable position if they choose a career first. 

  • No self-time 

A working woman while performing the role of a mother and a professional forgets to give time to herself. Even if they are on work leave they are busy with household or some other work. There is just no self-time. 

Ways to overcome these challenges: 

  • Plan your day in advance, this might help you 
  • Develop a healthy relationship with your husband, so that you both can manage the kids 
  • Make sure your colleagues know that you have a family and are cooperative when you need help 
  • While motherhood is a blessing you should not kill your desires as an individual. 

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