Challenges that a Single Mother Face

Challenges of Being a Single Mom

Apr 05 , 2021

Parenting is a not easy and single parenting is tougher as it means double the responsibility as you have to deal with the situation where you have lost your loved one and at the same time, you need to take up the responsibilities of rearing the child and life as a whole. A single parent has to face challenges every day, read on to know what all they have to deal with 

1. Have a lot of Responsibilities

When you have a partner you divide responsibilities equally but, a single parent has to look after all the things alone. She has a lot of pressure of doing things on time and managing it accordingly like paying the bills, getting household stuff, taking care of children’s necessities etc.

2. Have no Financial Support

In today’s time, money matters a lot and for that it is important that every member in the house earns. But a single mother has no financial support as she has to look after all the finances herself. At times there are problems that she has to face economic crisis for fulfilling child’s social and emotional needs.

3. Take Decisions Alone

A single parent has to take all the important decisions alone as she does not have a partner who can guide or advice her. She has to decide right or wrong on her own and find herself where she is lacking and how she can find a solution for it.

4. Pressure of getting married from family

 Challenges that a Single Mother Face

The society and family pressurizes single parent woman to get married without even thinking about the consequence. A second marriage is not always successful as it can also fail miserably leading to a lot of stress and depression. It is not easy to trust and take risk again.

5. Balancing work and home

Single mothers always face the problem of spending adequate time with their child. Due to office and work it is not very easy to take out a lot of time from busy schedule and after coming back home there are other things to manage too. So, it’s challenging in this way to maintain a strong bond with the child..

6. Inappropriate Behavior by Men

Many men have a different outlook towards a single mother than a married woman. Some are truly kind and want to help but many try to get close because of a wrong intention. In such circumstances a single woman needs to be very strong to handle such desperate men and their weird behavior.

So, being a single mother is not very easy as it needs a lot of courage and confidence to stand in a society with pride.

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