Cool ways to Celebrate Father’s Day During Pademic!

Jun 17 , 2021

In India, Father’s day is celebrated on the third Sunday of June. It is a day that we all love to spend with our family as you can spoil your dad with a gift and by pampering him, just the way he does. This year spending time outside might not be the best thing to do due to the pandemic, but there are various ways to celebrate it. Check out some ways to celebrate father’s day this time: 

  • Breakfast in bed 

This is the classic way to celebrate father’s day. For dad’s, these little gestures mean a lot. Cook his favorite breakfast for him on this special day

  • Movie night 

Going to the theatre is not possible right now, how about bringing it home? Choose a great family movie, get the snacks, and have a great movie night with your family. 

  • Learn from your father 

Father’s know everything in every field. Choose your interest and learn something from him and his skills. This is a great way to spend some time with him. 

  • Make a handmade gift 

The personal touch is also great and loved. Make a handmade gift for your dad. It will make him feel loved. You can make a card, a photo bouquet, and a lot more things. Or you can write a heartfelt letter to him. 

  • Go for cycling 

We have heard how important it is to exercise throughout the lockdown. So go out for some cycling with dad. If you don’t have cycles, you can go for a walk as well. 

  • Play games 

Playing games is a fun and interesting way to spend some time. Organize a game night, you can play, ludo, carom, business, or tambola etc as this is going to be real fun.

  • A cocktail party

Give a twist to your normal alcohol party with some added juices and mixture. Be the bartender. Set up a table and mix up some drinks together and enjoy a fun night with some snacks. 

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