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Coronavirus: Ways to keep Your House Clean and Disinfected

Sep 07 , 2020

In this coronavirus pandemic, it is important to maintain personal hygiene to stop the spread of this virus. But it is not only important to be careful outside the home, but you should also keep your home safe and disinfected as well. The Centre for Disease Control (CDC) has ruled out some guidelines to help you keep your home clean and safe from the infection. Check out a few ways to keep you home clean and disinfected during coronavirus:

•    Wear disposable gloves while cleaning and disinfecting surfaces and throw them afterward.

•    Do cleaning using disinfectants that are appropriate for the surface

•    Clean doorknobs, chairs, and tables using disinfectant wipes. You touch these surfaces more often hence they need to be clean.

•    Clean sofas and carpets using a disinfectant spray.

•    Keep your doors clean using disinfectant wipes

•    Use bleach mixture to clean floors and wooden flooring

•    Do your laundry in warm water

•    Keep changing your bed sheets

•    Clean your beds with a disinfectant spray

•    Clean your most-used surfaces daily this includes floors, doors, chairs, remotes, mobile phones, beds, toilets, kitchen, and sinks.

•    Don’t reuse towels and keep washing them. Use paper towels for drying your hands. Or dedicate one towel to a particular family member.

•    Use appropriate cleaners for surfaces:

1.    Alcohol-based cleaners with at least 70% alcohol.

2.    Hydrogen peroxide.

3.    Bleach solutions.

•    Clean your sinks and toilets using hydrogen peroxide.

•    Do not forget to clean the fans and ceilings.

Take proactive steps to keep your household clean and sanitized, and keep your family safe.

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