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COVID Story: How my 11-Year-old Managed Things

May 13 , 2021

Just the thought of getting coronavirus is so worrisome but unfortunately, I and my husband got covid positive lately. More than us I was worried about my kids as they are not old enough, but I was shocked and happy how my 11-year-old daughter managed things throughout the time. The moment I told my daughter that we got covid, she said: “ don’t worry mom I will take care of Bhai, you look after your health”. I realized that this pandemic has made kids more responsible so I decided to share my experience with all of you. I hope it is going to be useful for you. 

Things that I taught my kids during this pandemic:

  • Helping parents with household chores 
  • Keeping their room clean 
  • Good hygiene habits like washing their hands after touching anything 
  • Good eating habits 

How my daughter managed things during this time: 

  • She used to clean her room daily 
  • She took care of her brother, supported him as well
  • She looked after their breakfast as she can make sandwiches, cornflakes, so she managed it
  • She also kept sanitizing the house 
  • She looked after hers and her brother’s medicines (which we started as a preventive measure) 
  • She also used to light up a dia in temple everyday. To get positive vibes in home
  • She also kept checking on us, and asked us before getting out of the room so that we can maintain some distance. 
  • Since I told her that healthy eating is important she made sure that both of them have nuts and makhanas in snacks. They also developed the habit of having golden milk 
  • She helped her brother sleep well, by watching or reading  something with him. 
  • She also managed her school work on her own and taught her brother as well. 

Those 20 days were tough for all of us, but we fought together as a family and now we are stronger and better. I am glad that I taught everything about corona to my kids which is why she could manage so much. I am really proud of my daughter for everything she did.

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