Creative Activities to Do on Janmashtami with Kids

Aug 30 , 2021

Janmashtami is celebrated all over India with great enthusiasm. In this festival people engage in prayers, sing songs, do fast for the day and after 12 at night ( the birth time of Krishna), celebrate his birth with  sweets. Children are always curious to know in detail about festivals and as kids are not going to school so do some innovative things with kids and educate them too about the festival. Checkout some creative activities you can perform with them:

Dress up like Radha-Krishna

Dress up like Radha-Krishna

This activity is evergreen.

Decorating Dahi Handi

Dahi Handi is important in this festival as Krishna loved eating Makhan (Butter) stored in this pot. He also did many mischievous acts and tried to eat it unnoticed by his mother. Decorating the Dahi Handi you can tell your kids stories behind it.

Flute decoration


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Krishna always had flute with him and everybody loved its music. Help children decorate it with colorful sheets, stickers, feathers etc.

Matki Phod competition for kids

Get children break the Dahi Handi and instead of buttermilk you can fill it with sweets. It would be an interesting game you can plan with children at home.

Create a Krishna village scene

Temple scene

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Relating to the past life of Lord Krishna, you can make his village scene where he lived. Describe kids about it and its significance. Also don’t forget to make jhulas (swing) for Bal Gopal.

Krishna Jhula decoration

Jhula decor

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On this festival, a statue of baby Krishna is placed in a swing decorated with flowers. Help kids decorate the jhula with colorful papers, sparkles, flowers etc. Tell them why it is decorated.


Help children make Rangoli at the doorstep. Usually rice flour & water mixture is used for it and small footsteps are made as it is considered auspicious this day as it is said to bring lots of happiness.

Janmashtami peacock crown making

Crown making

source- Pinterest

Lord Krishna’s constant accessory is a peacock feather in his hair. Teach kids to make a peacock crown and tell them the story behind why the god always has a peacock feather as his accessory. It is believed that peacocks were mesmerized with the tune of Krishna’s flute and dropped many divine feathers at his feet. He thus accepted them and placed a few of them on his turban.

Janmashtami Greeting Card

Help kids draw pictures of Krishna, his flute, and stick peacock feathers etc to make a Janmashtami card. They can exchange it with friends. It is a good idea to engage them and help improve their art skills too

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