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Different Parenting Styles And The Effect on Kids

Jun 29 , 2021

It takes time to understand how to be a better parent as there are a lot of things that are learned along the way and they can determine how a child feels about himself. Parenting styles can shape their personality, perspective, thinking and habits so it is important to understand what is working and what needs to changed.


There are four major parenting styles that have been identified. Here is what you should know about them and their impact on kids. 

Authoritarian Parenting

If “ I said so”, “ Don’t argue”, “It is what it is”  are some of the things you tell you kid then you belong to this category. Establishing rules and boundaries that are expected to be adhered to strictly is what an authoritarian parent does. Obedience is expected from children and they may not be able to take part in problem-solving situations. 

Impact of authoritarian parenting: 

  • Children always follow rules 
  • May develop self-esteem issues. 
  • May become hostile and develop repressed anger 

Permissive Parenting

Lenient parents who set boundaries but rarely enforce them fall under this category. Permissive parents do not punish their children as a consequence of their actions. They also let the children convince them to get them out of a situation. 

Impact of permissive parenting: 

  • Children may not respect authorities 
  • May show behavioural problems 
  • May struggle with academics

Authoritative parenting 

Parents who do introduce rules in the house but explain the reasons, consider their child’s feelings and help them understand the importance of discipline are known to be authoritative parents. They understand how to validate their child’s feelings and needs. This helps them build a healthy relationship. 

Impact of authoritative parenting:

  • Helps children become responsible 
  • Children have a better understanding of self. 
  • They find it easier to make decisions 

Uninvolved Parenting

Not being able to find time to discuss the life of children, taking little to no interest in their academics and not having any rules in place is considered uninvolved parenting. The parents may not devote as much energy and time as required to raise children. 

Impact of uninvolved parenting:

  • Children may have self-esteem issues
  • May feel lonely
  • May find themselves struggling academically 

We understand every parent wants the best for their kid but an approach can make a huge impact. Which is the one that matches your style? 

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