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How to Avoid Spoiling Your Kids

Aug 23 , 2021

During festival we love spending money on  gifts, decorations and parties but all these should be done according to your pocket. This is the time when you can teach them some good lessons or wrong one to spoil them too.  So in 2019 instead of ruining them with the excess of gifts and over pampering spend time with your family and raise well behaved kids

Involve them in all the activities

Make your child realize that the festival has a lot more than just giving and taking gifts so involve them in every decoration and planning. In the fear of things getting messed do not ignore them and always engage them in such preparations.

Be Kind

Childhood is a phase when children have a curiosity to learn all the things that their parents do and thus they easily get adapted to it. Instead of spending or wasting too much money, take your kids to an orphanage or old age home and donate clothes and food to them. Help the needy and homeless people because in future you’re kid will also follow this path.

Make a Wish List

5 Ways to avoid spoiling your Kids this Christmas

Ask your child to make a list of the things he wants and why. In case you have two children, tell them both to make a wish list and then list them on number 1, 2, 3 according to their priorities. This way you can teach them that it is not always possible to get everything in life  so we must keep ourselves  satisfied with what ever we have .You can even keep some reward points for their good behavior.


It is very important to set a budget according to your personal needs so that you don’t face any kind of  financial problems later. Make a list and then analyze how much money you want to spend. Always remember giving limited will also make them value it.

 Gratitude is Must

5 Ways to avoid spoiling your Kids this Christmas

It is very important to teach the children to appreciate the efforts people put in to make them happy. Be a good role model for your child by showing them the ways you say thank you to the people around you, Also tell them that they should never be disappointed with any gift and try to see the positive side because anything given with love is special.

Discipline Your Child

One of the most important things we can do as parents is to teach our children how to regulate themselves so that there is little or no need for discipline. Setting firm boundaries and expectations early can make a huge difference in how a child behaves as he grows

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