How to Handle Kindergarten Kids During Quarantine

Apr 06 , 2020

With all the daycare centers closed and people working from home, you will be spending more time with your family and kids. Handling young kids can be a struggle as they will be seeking your attention throughout the day so it is important to keep them engaged. So we tell you some activities that can keep kindergarten kids busy during this lockdown period. 

Plan a schedule 

We all used to work according to a schedule and there is no reason to change that now. Plan your child’s day to keep them occupied throughout the day. This will make it easier for you to take care of them while working. 

Bake something together 

Keep your kids occupied by trying to bake something with them. There are many easy cakes, cookies and other simple things that can be baked. Contributing to kitchen work and cooking up different things will instill confidence in them. 

Plan a mini picnic 

This can be done on weekends when you have more time to spare. Plan a mini picnic in your backyard or even on your terrace. Make bite-sized snacks and plan family games to make the picnic time more enjoyable. 

Help them learn new things 

Even though daycare centers and playschools are closed for now, there are a lot of things that can be taught at home. Make space for learning by teaching your child new things or you can even help them do their pending school work. 

Teach them a new game 

Whether it is ludo or chess, there are a number of indoor games that your child can play. Help them learn new games in your free time and this will keep them occupied. 

Here are some ways to take care of your kids during this time. Additionally, It is best to explain to your children the current situation so that they can understand why social distancing is the need of the hour and your quarantine period goes smoothly. 

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