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How to Support a New Mom Emotionally

Sep 08 , 2021

Motherhood can be exciting, emotional and overwhelming, all at the same time. New mothers may need some time to adjust to their new role and the right kind of support can make it easier for them to absorb the new change. 

Apart from the emotional adjustment, healing from giving birth can also take time so giving a hand and being available can make a huge difference. Now that we understand what emotional support could mean for new moms, so here are few ways to do it

  • Always ask what they need. Take the guessing out of the picture and ask what she might need help with. There are a lot of things that a baby would need throughout the day so you can help them out accordingly. 
  • Do not ask just for the sake of it. If you are asked to take care of something important then make sure you say yes only if you can do it. 
  • Be patient with new moms. It may take a while to adjust to a new routine and truly understanding the responsibilities that come with a baby so try to be understanding when needed. 
  • Make sure she eats well. Taking care of a baby may leave new moms tired and while naps are important too, fix a time for them to eat so their body recovers well and their health is not compromised.
  • Take care of the basic things like groceries. Ask for a list of things that would be needed and run errands in place of her. This will take a few responsibilities off her shoulders and will even help her relax a bit.
  • Make her feel good about herself. Tell her she’s doing a good job and not to be too hard on herself. A few words of encouragement will make her feel a lot better. 

Empathy and kindness are all new moms would need on most days. Let them know you are there to take care of them in whichever way possible. 

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