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Common Dialogues of Almost Every Indian Mom

May 07 , 2021

Growing up in Indian household, there are a few typical dialogues from mom we become familiar with. We always hear our moms repeating them at varied situations.

We asked a few desi people to share the most common dialogues they have heard from their moms and have even used them for their children.

  • ” Hamare time pe aisa nahi hota tha”
  • “Saare paise udadoge to future kaise banaoge”
  • ” jab apna ghar chalaoge tab samjhoge”
  • “Itne kapde leke kya karoge, dukaan laga rakhi hai”
  • ” kal to dosto se mile ho, aaj fir kyu jana hai”
  • “Paani peete ho to bottle bhi bhara karo”
  • Bhar se kyu mangana hai? maine ghar pe karela banaya hai”
  • ” Ye dress to mai market se saste me laa deti”
  • “Bhot chhoot mil gayi hai tumhe aaj kal”
  • “Mummy se bhes karte ho?”
  • apne bache honege tab pata chalega
  • Mummy ko toh kuch pata hee nahi hota. Sab tumhe pata hai.
  • Time se ghar aa jana.
  • Papa se pucha hai ?

Which are the common phrases you grew up listening? Share with us

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